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What's On at TWW - November 2018 - New Timetable!

Heading for the winter months!  

Here comes your November 2018 Timetable! Please find a copy attached for ease.

Once again we have a packed timetable with lots of new courses. Please click this link to download your copy here.

Some new courses the timetable includes:November 2018 timetable

  • 6 week Finding Me Domestic abuse course   
  • 5 week Happy Healthy Homes   
  • 4 week Understanding behaviours - Looking at children's behaviours, establishing rules, routines and boundaries and how to cope when the going gets tough.  
  • 6 week Basic Sign Language   
  • 6 week Working Skills Programme - looking at CV,confidence, self esteem    

and  so much more including our: Alcohol Awareness Week & UN Elimination of Violence Against Women @ TWW Tuesday 20th November 2018 12-3pm.

Take a look to familiarise yourself with the new additions and feel free to forward this timetable on to your contacts, colleagues and more!

As usual if you've any questions about our events or drop-ins feel free to pop by any time Monday to Friday, 9am til 4pm or you can call us on 0151 647 7907.   

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