What we do?

Tomorrow's Women Wirral is a charity based in the heart of Birkenhead. It is a community centre open to all adult women 18+ that offers support for social isolation, low self esteem and encourages women to try new things. 
TWW has a wide range of facilities delivered both in-house and in partnership with specialist partner agencies, all detailed in an ever expanding monthly timetable of workshops, courses, events and activities. 
In the past we have hosted educational courses such as:

Basic Maths

Basic English

CSCS Construction Card

IT Skills 

Beauty Therapy 

Business Administration


Empowerment courses such as:

Confidence Building and Emotion Management

Alcohol Awareness 

Anger Management

Domestic Abuse

Stress and Anxiety


There are drop-in sessions from:




Involve Northwest 

Wirral Ways to Recovery

Merseycare Mental Health

Training and Employability agencies 

Debt and Financial support

Bereavement support

Plus fitness classes, crafts, reading groups and more...

TWW adopts a holistic, person centred approach to improve women's health and wellbeing. 

TWW integrates women from the Wirral community and beyond, regardless of background or issues. Its ethos is 'Women supporting Women' and with over 550 visits per week, we believe that we are successfully supporting women each day! The range of women who engage with TW are able to dedicate time to work on themselves, but simply through engaging and interacting with one another women share their learning and experiences, resulting in a positive intergenerational impact. 

How can you help?

TWW receives limited funding and relies on donations, bid applications, and fundraising events to continue amazing work with women. We rely heavily on volunteers for all areas, i.e. fundraising events, administrative support, front of house, transferring skills and experience, positive role models etc. You can help Wirral Women lead better lives by Volunteering at TWW, assisting with fundraising events or donating direct to the Charity. Please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest and find out more.