A 2020 Round Up - a Year We'll Never Forget @ Tomorrow's Women.

As we approach the end of January 2021 with some time to allow the New Year to settle in, we wanted to give a round up of, what has been, an exceptionally challenging but immensely rewarding year for us here at Tomorrow's Women Wirral!

The year started on a positive with new referrals of women coming to TWW to make postive lifestyle changes on an upward trajectory (with 374 new referrals in the short first 2.5 months of the year alone!); a vibrant, busy centre filled with excitement, positivity and change with many new courses and training opportunities afoot. An inspiring International Women's Day 2020 event that broke attendee records and was 'one for the books' with inspiring & moving talks from women in sport, female police officers and our very own Patron Dame Lorna Muirhead: 

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Sadly, shortly after the fact TWW had to close its doors to the general public on March 17th due to the increasingly concerning COVID-19 pandemic, which brought all of our courses and in-centre support to a halt - with increasing concerns for us as a support service for the wellbeing of the women... so as a resilient and committed service we quickly changed our way of working and introduced a new delivery model... 


We now have an astonishing 9157 women registered at TWW, many of whom have been receiving ongoing welfare calls of support from the team as well as hundreds of much needed telephone courses & interventions. With our newest Young Women's Project in its early stages we have managed to work with 18 young women offering mental health intervention & a listening ear, as well as the delivery of 841 Femme 2 You essential parcels & 82 children's packs (and counting...!)

In order to stay completely connected with women in a virtual way, we started a 'Digital Series' TWW: On Line complete with daily activities, tutorials and videos for women to enjoy completely free of charge - providing some practical advise and activities during this extremely difficult and often very isolating time. We have to date had a wide range of activities to share on our socials from exercise tutorials, to budget cooking, quizzes, craft tutorials and so much moe. We have also started to delve into the world of Zoom delivery and are trialling Zoom Coffee Mornings from this month on and hope that this will widen the scope of support at TWW even further. 

On 2020 as a challenging year for TWW Angela Murphy, CEO had this to say: 

"2020 has now come to an end, but the challenges we faced during this year continue, the COVID‑19 pandemic, intensifying political division, widening economic inequality, the list goes on. While these challenges affect everyone, in every community, the fact is, they don’t affect everyone equally and we at TWW have first-hand experience of this. Emergency Delivery Model continuous adaptions, the gasp when someone we work with tests positive, the desperate telephone calls received because women feel they cannot continue without support, the educational disconnect due to the Country’s poor provision of Wi-Fi and the phrase ‘you are on mute’ - these are just the ‘norm’ going into 2021.

Yet given the above, great kindness has been shown during this period, Communities have come together, supported each other and people have learned to accept help. All the good that has come from the year 2020 must not be lost and as a society we must incorporate all the positives, the opportunities, the resilience and move forward together, stronger, to protect those who need it. TWW is here, as we have been throughout 2020, we have worked hard to survive economically and my thanks go out to our Funders and Partners who have enable us to do so.  

I am proud to say TWW have the most fabulous staff team who are committed to helping women and in turn our community. TWW will continue working to support, empower and give opportunities to those that need it throughout 2021 with the hope and belief that there are better times to come for all."

Angela Murphy, CEO 

"2020 has been a very different year for us all with a pandemic none of us ever envisaged. I have so much praise and gratitude for the work frontline staff have been doing during these difficult months, our amazing TWW team included. TWW staff have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and lock downs offering continued support to women and families all over Wirral.

We have not only engaged with women already registered with us but have support 100’s of new women who have either self-referred or been referred by another agency. We have done deliveries to our most vulnerable with food parcels as well as femme2you packs as a pick me up to let women know they are in our thoughts and we are here if they need us.


This pandemic has made us at TWW work differently, shown we are adaptable and flexible but most of all shown we resilient with a never give up attitude."

Karen Horner, Operations Manager 


We hope that 2021 brings more positivity and light after the difficult year that has been 2020, but with some new ways of thinking, working and communicating to take forward to better our support service even further.

Don't forget, if you ever need support, advise or guidance from our lovely team of #womensupportingwomen we can do so virtually - call our office weekdays 9am - 4pm on 0151 647 7907 

Here's to a brighter, more prosperous 2021! 

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