TWW & TRFC Supporting Women in the Community! Femme 2 You

Tomorrow's Women Comms Officer Sharna sat down *virtually* with Tranmere Rovers' in the Community Emma Palios about their recent support of their Femme 2 You Fe-Mail Outreach Delivery Project! 
Since their unavoidable centre closure on March 17th Tomorrow's Women Wirral (TWW) have had to close their doors to the general public. In an effort to continue supporting women they have adapted their service in its entirity to continue to support women's needs and provide critical interventions, including thousands of welfare calls, 1-1 courses and a new outreach project Femme 2 You delivering essential hygiene & sanitary items to women in need.
Currently TWW have delivered almost 700 Femme 2 You parcels and are proud of the crucial support they have been able to offer in tackling period poverty head on and providing a visual, but safe, contact to the most isolated. 

We have received many overwhelming donations from agencies, partners and individuals one of whom and the most recent donator is Tranmere Rovers in the Community. Speaking with Sharna, Emma Palios who orchestrated the donation after receiving some essential items funding, had this to say: 

"For us [Femme 2 You] was the obvious choice in making sure we reach everyone on Wirral and not just football fans or people that follow Tranmere because surprisingly not everyone loves football! So we have to make sure we engage with everyone from the Community and for us the good work that you guys do, and our work together in the past around adult learning, it was an obvious choice for us to help you with the essential items fund."


On Tranmere's other work during COVID Emma said: 

"Even before COVID we have always prided ourselves on being Wirral’s family club; we are the only professional football club on the Wirral so the Community aspect of the club is really important for us and responding to the Pandemic was something that we were keen to do and not just fade away, because the club itself was having to deal with things happening on the pitch (or not, at the time!). So throughout the Lockdown we applied for funding and managed to leverage some funding from our corporate partners and that helped us to deliver just under 35,000 meals to vulnerable people on Wirral and also at least 900 supportive welfare phone calls.

Part of what we wanted to deliver was being a triage centre, using the platform of the club for people to phone in and say “maybe I am struggling with my mental health, I am struggling with being able to buy food because I am shielding, I am struggling with addiction like gambling addictions” so part of what the club wanted to do was actually work as a referral centre but then also deliver food packages and medication drop offs as well. We did I think 1200 shopping & medication drop offs in addition to the meals that we supplied over lockdown.

You are just responding to the situation at the time and you are making sure that Staff are safe but also responding as well; the Community Team have done really well!"

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the community support network across Wirral and both at TWW, Tranmere and many of our other amazing partners and third sector organisations there has been outstanding work done to continue the crucial support of our respective community members & users. 

Huge thanks to TRFC for supporting Femme 2 You and all of our donators and partners.

If you have sanitary and hygiene items you would like to donate to TWW in support of Femme 2 You please call 0151 647 7907 or email TWW Comms Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For any press enquiries please take the same channels of communication.

If you'd like support from TWW or to receive a Femme 2 You pack please call our admin team weekdays 9am - 4pm or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we can support adult women 18+ as part of our main charity and young women 14-17 as part of our Tomorrow's Young Women project. 

If you would like more information about Tranmere Rovers in the Community and their support intiatives: 

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