Coping during COVID-19: Alcohol Use Information & Support

Tomorrow's Women: On Line - Coping during COVID-19: Alcohol Use Information & Support

So none of us planned on being stuck in the house for the next few weeks but in order for us and everyone around us to stay safe and healthy this is what we have to do. Coronavirus has created uncertain times and in these times some of us could be tempted to drown our sorrows in alcohol. However what actually happens to our body when we drink and could we be putting ourselves at greater risk by turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism?


Tomorrows Women

It’s well known that drinking alcohol causes more harm than good to the body, and drinking too much also affects our mental health. With so much uncertainty right now should we really be drinking?

The risks of drinking alcohol & COVID-19

Alcohol weakens our immune system and causes greater risk during this outbreak. So whilst we all know about washing our hands and eating healthy (where possible) how about laying off the booze?

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can cause damage to immune cells in the lungs and upper respiratory system, making you more susceptible to the virus. Even occasional binge drinking sessions can knock out your immune system. We need our immune systems at their best right now!

What else can we do to avoid drinking?

So what can we do to keep ourselves busy (and sane) instead of picking up that drink?

  • Spring clean = you don’t realise how much this needs doing until you do it.
  • Cooking =really take the time to prepare new things you’ve never tried before. Use the cook books you’ve just spring cleaned the dust off.
  • Talk to people = we obviously can’t do that in person but pick up the phone or skype someone, it’s the next best thing.
  • Gardening = whilst the weather is good make the most of your garden, get some fresh air, pretend you’re taking part in the Chelsea flower show.
  • Yoga = there are plenty of workouts you can do at home but yoga has a calming affect and there are plenty of routines on youtube.
  • Write things down = keep a track of your thoughts and feelings, its therapeutic putting pen to paper.
  • Television = try and stay away from the news right now, it’s pretty depressing. Binge watch a box set you’ve been wanting to see.
  • Study = there are loads of free on-line courses around, so learn something you’ve always wanted to whilst you have this time on your hands.

If you still find yourself reaching for that drink keep a track of how much you are drinking, write down how you were feeling when you had that drink, ie:- sad, lonely, bored. Then when you start to feel any of these do something else, distract yourself from picking up that drink.

I’ve added a drink dairy for you ladies to keep a record. If you become concerned about your drinking, want to discuss your diaries or are more generally looking support (and are a woman 18+) please call us on 0151 647 7907. 

Stay safe & take care,

Lisa (Empowerment Advisor)

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