#OrangetheWirral 2019 at TWW!

TWW delivered a powerful message in partnership with local organisations, advocates and survivors standing against Violence Against Women & Girls on Monday 25th November 2019.

This year Tomorrow's Women hosted their 2019 Elimination of Violence Against Women event in the wider #OrangetheWorld campaign to end gendered violence. Coming together in an all female space, with an incredible attendance of well over 100, the women of Wirral united to #OrangetheWirral for an event that was moving, informative and meaningful.



Joined by 5 Guest Speakers, we heard about the harrowing realities of violence within sex work, rape culture, modern day slavery, female genital mutilation, harmful practise s& domestic abuse from a variety of inspiring organisations who work tirelessly and passionately to support women, and eradicate gendered violence. 

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As well as performances from our own Empowering Voices Choir with a moving, acoustic rendition of Lady Gaga's 'Til It Happens To You dedicated to advocates and survivors everywhere, and an interactive debut of 3rd year Applied Theatre Students Priorities show, aiming to bridge the gap between the public & Wirral Council on the issue of Domestic Abuse and improvements to be made.

Tomorrow's Women CEO Angela Murphy had this to say in opening the event: 

"Remember, we are women supporting women every day. But today is the start of a new movement, as women united in the global fight against gendered violence. We are partners, collaborators, activists, campaigners, survivors. Let’s make this day count, and let’s Orange the Wirral on the way to Orange the World." 

Thank you to supporters, attendees, speakers & stall holders who joined us for this important day and continue in the fight for women's rights!

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