World Suicide Prevention Day - Messages of Hope at TWW!

This year's World Mental Health Day theme is suicide prevention. Mental health is a huge support area that we have here at TWW that is close to our hearts and our cause, and so we launched a day campaign called #NotTooLate collecting messages of hope from our amazing women supporting women!

Almost 7000 people have died by suicide in the UK last year. Suicide affects so many people. As well as holding a Suicide Prevention Training session at the centre, we were so inspired by the initiative of anti-suicide messages being displayed on bridges as an intervention, and we wanted to do something similar here at the centre.


Image of anti-suicide bridge message. Tomorrow's Women does not own copyright for this image.

On the 10th September we displayed messages of hope for our suicide prevention campaign that we'd asked the women at our centre to submit anonymously, showing that there is support available and emphasising the message that it's #NotTooLate. 


70409871_2610662778985176_1582331407147991040_n.jpg 69906871_2610660765652044_4300163669557248000_n.jpg 69732908_2610660708985383_7646942692160569344_n.jpg 

69815257_2610662568985197_4521053021546741760_n.jpg Tomorrow's Women's campaign display & awareness raising inside the centre.


The display was received warmly from the local community, receiving a lot of positive feedback from passers by and social media followers. We were thrilled to be part of the wider awareness raising of the support networks that are in place, educating how we should approach suicide & those we are concerned for, and highlighting the support that we have here in our own centre for adult women who may be struggling. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted such inspiring, heartfelt messages and attended our Suicide Prevention training session. You never know whose life you might have/may save. Please read some of the truly stunning messages below:  

Try and remember nothing ever stays the same. All things pass. 

There is a better way. Things can, and will, get better. I've been there. I'm still here with you. Talk to someone. 

You think that you are alone but there are people who will help you if you reach out to them. Find help - they will not be far away. 

Please think. I know how bad your life is at the moment. But, it will get better each day. You are loved and very much cared for by others!

Tomorrow needs you!

After every storm is a clear sky. Don't give up your journey. It's a bump in the path. 

If you've been affected by suicide or need support for yourself or someone you care for you can contact the organisations below. 


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