Our thoughts on Domestic Abuse Work Champions

It has been almost a month since the highly anticipated and widely topical Merseyside Domestic Abuse Workplace Scheme launched. An issue very relevant to us here at Tomorrow's Women, we share our thoughts on Domestic Abuse Champions... 


In the context of the national dialogue about domestic abuse, with new Domestic Abuse Bill, on 11th April 2019 Merseyside Police held a launch event for a new free-to-enter scheme for organisations to be proactive in the fight against domestic abuse and receive the relevant information and training to be able to detect signs of, and provide support for, employees who are experiencing domestic abuse. 

In practise, the scheme will be executed through what they have termed 'Domestic Abuse Champions' to be the resident domestic abuse specialist, advisor, information giver and detector within their given organisation. 



As a Wirral Council domestic abuse partner, and advocate for survivors of abuse, we at Tomorrow's Women think this is a great step in the right direction. At the very minimum this movement will raise awareness of domestic abuse which is a crucial step in tackling it, and if successful, will provide the much needed support to those who are suffering in silence who's only safety may be within their workplace.

Empowerment Advisor and Domestic Abuse specialist, writer and deliverer of our inhouse course Finding Me shared her own experiences of domestic abuse.

"Domestic abuse is one of the most difficult, hurtful and confusing parts of some people's lives. You slowly lose confidence, you become lost, you slowly lose yourself. I know this, as this was me."

Nicola found support life changing; "I was lucky enough to find someone I could open up to, and now I support women to move forward and become stronger. I am so happy to see that DA Champions will be in business. The future of this amazing move excites me and I have every faith that so many victims will not find only themselves but a brand new, empowered self". 

We look forward to seeing this movement flourish and, as activists against domestic abuse, know the positive impact that this support network have.

Our 6 week Finding Me course is available for women 18+ to access each month once registered with us at the centre. We also offer a domestic abuse support group that serves as a drop in session each Monday from 1pm.

If you would like to find out more about what we offer please get in touch. Email our Communications Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office on 0151 647 7907. 

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