Prince Harry & Princess Meghan visit Tomorrow's Women!

A week on, we reflect on how the Duke & Duchess of Sussex's visit meant so much more for Tomorrow's Women...
14th January 2019 was a great day for Birkenhead with local, independent organisations being graced with an official visit from their Royal Highnesses, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan. To the delight of many locals who turned out at all four stops along the way, including our own Tomorrow's Women centre.
The Royal pair were shown around our centre, whilst intermittently being introduced to our dedicated team and inspirational women, some of whom had the chance to intimately share their own personal journeys and how accessing the centre has helped them to progress. The pair pleasantly surprised all at TWW that day to say the least... both Harry and Meghan were engaged, interested and involved in conversations about the women's lives and their involvement with our support services, including our domestic abuse group Finding Me.
With Meghan's prior long standing advocacy of women's rights, it was plain to see how she was genuinely touched by the struggles of the women; proud of the work of the centre, and the bravery of the women themselves, together steering the movement of female empowerment in the right direction! Plus, Harry's open stance as "a feminist" as he proudly declared on the day, stressing the importance of male support in this area, both enlightening and refreshing.
The impression that the pair gave and the importance of their interest and support to each and every individual will remain ingrained in the memories of all involved at TWW that day, and we hope that we were able to truly convey the heart of what Tomorrow's Women aims to, and successfully, achieves every day. Reaching thousands of new people on our social media channels, even new transatlantic audiences, the word of Tomorrow's Women has spread further than ever before and consequently, we hope that more women are able to connect with us to access and utilise our services to the fullest. In addition, we hope that this positive spotlight leads to further financial funding and support to enable us to continue to grow for, and with, the women of the world!
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