Mooncup Theatre brings 'A-Void' to TWW!

Get ready for the theatre performance and workshop of your weirdest dreams...


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On Monday 27th November, fasten your seatbelts (literally) as the women of Mooncup Theatre prepare to take the women of TWW on a maternal mystery tour!

Mooncup Theatre is an all-female theatre production company, established in 2017, aiming to bring ignorance and inequality to its knees through comedy, artistry and creativity.

Their most recent, and debut, production 'A-Void' explores fake news, media manipulation and cult mentality through three complex female characters; Skye, Sara(h) and Jenni. The women of A-Void invite the women of TWW to join them on this journey which takes place on an actual bus!

The performance will be followed by a theatre workshop with the company where women can discuss their idea, thoughts and feelings following the show and also look at how the media can easily manipulate our words and views.

The workshop aims are as follows:

· To stimulate conversations amongst the group over how they feel the media influences their own lives and how (or if) they think we manage to reflect this in our show.

· To use theatrical training and techniques to demonstrate the ease in which body language and vocal modulation can be used to influence a situation.

· To breakdown the multi media manipulation used in the show and provide the students the opportunity to experience how their words can be edited.

The bus seats around 30 people so booking will be available within the TWW centre. This is a free performance taking place partially on a bus and within the TWW centre. Audience will be picked up and dropped off at TWW.

We're very excited about this performance which takes place on Monday 27th November 2017!

A-Void Bus Performance - 2pm.

Fake News Theatre Workshop - 3pm - 4pm.


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