Mental Health Day at TWW!

On Tuesday 10th October we celebrated World Mental Health Day with an afternoon of self care activities...

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day was ‘Workplace Wellbeing’. As such, we held numerous self care inspired activities designed to increase the wellbeing of those attending.

Activities that took place on the day included: Mindfulness Meditations and Relaxation, Knitting, Nails, Holistic Therapies and Reflexology, Cake Decoration, Mindful Colouring, Stalls, Networking and much more.

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We also invited several mental health charities/organisations including PAPYRUS Prevention of Young SuicideInvolve Northwest, Amparo Support following Suicide & Spider Project CIC who spoke to attendees about their services and the support that is available on the Wirral for people living with Mental Health issues.

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We also held a Women's Mental Health Forum during the event. This was an informal opportunity for attendees and service users to give some client feedback for local mental health services on the Wirral. Women discussed some of their own experiences with Mental Health support, what works, what needs improving as well as some new ideas. It was cathartic and useful to get this sort of information directly from Wirral women.

The event was very successful, attracting around 150 women throughout the day. We can't wait for the next one!

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