TWW blogs: It's okay to not join in with #MeToo, too.

Some of you may have seen a hashtag gracing your social media channels today.

The hashtag is #MeToo. Not heard of it? Survivors of sexual assault and harassment are using their social media platforms, alongside #MeToo, to raise awareness of the scale of sexual assault and harassment in our society. #MeToo is a show of solidarity: survivors (predominantly women) are banding together, supporting one another and making themselves known. We commend them for their bravery.

But if you're a fellow survivor, sitting in front of your computer screen, or scrolling through your phone - feeling isolated, alone, or uncomfortable about #MeToo, we wanted to let you know that that's okay, too. Not participating in #MeToo doesn't make you any less brave, any less valid or any less cared for.

#MeToo will definitely raise awareness of the magnitude of sexual assault and harrassment by showing how many survivors are comfortable enough to make themselves known by an online show of hands. But will it show us truly just how pervasive and common these behaviours are?

Many survivors will not feel comfortable to say #MeToo today, tomorrow, in 5 or 10 years, or ever. And that's okay. Because you don't have to put yourself into any situation that you feel compromises your emotional, mental or physical wellbeing.

So, if #MeToo is having the opposite effect on you as a survivor, if you're feeling disempowered, we want you to know you can talk to us. It doesn't have to be #MeToo. You can speak to Tomorrow's Women Wirral anonymously about your experiences, if you want to. If you don't want to talk about it but you need other support, we can offer you that too.

Our service is open to all women aged 18 and over. Whatever you have been through, you're not alone. There are people who understand why #MeToo isn't the first choice for every survivor and there are people who are ready and waiting to support you.

Call the centre on 0151 647 7907 or pop in any time Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm, to speak to an Empowerment Advisor. We are here to support you on your journey.

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