Door-knocking with Community Connectors

Our Comms Officer Kate has been working alongside Involve Northwest to reduce social isolation.

You may have seen them around your local area, knocking on doors in swathes of Orange! That's right, it's the Community Connectors of Involve Northwest!

The Connectors are the pivotal force of a project from Involve Northwest called 'ConnectUs'. According to their website, "ConnectUs has been launched to support the work being undertaken by Healthy Wirral and the Health Related Worklessness programme. It is led by the local aspiration on Wirral to move towards stronger residents and neighbourhoods."

The Connectors work to reduce social isolation all over the Wirral, increase general wellbeing and bring the community together. Here at TWW we think ConnectUs is a fabulous initiative, providing outreach to thousands of residents across the Wirral and working with even the most hard-to-reach people. They do a 'Community Door-Knock' every week somewhere on the Wirral, inviting local charities, statutory support agencies, PCSOs, local councillors and more to get involved and meet people in the community.

Our Communications Officer Kate has attended three door-knocks so far and counting. She said, "I think it's a great idea. The Connectors are a lovely bunch of people, very welcoming and supportive - just the sort of people you wouldn't mind knocking on your door offering a helping hand! I think it's important for a charity like ourselves with limited resources for outreach to link in with a project like ConnectUs as it shows the worth of a multi-agency approach to working with vulnerable people."

On the door-knocks Kate, as an ambassador for Tomorrow's Women, is on hand to provide on-the-spot advice and support for any woman who may want or need it. Kate said, "It's a great way for us to get out there in the community, spreading our message while in partnership with a great team like Involve."

Thanks for inviting us with you, Connectors! We're glad to be involved in such a positive partnership!

Here are some pictures of the Connectors with Kate on door-knocks in Birkenhead, Oxton and Prenton!

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