Suicide Prevention Day @ TWW

Suicide Prevention Day took place on Sunday 10th September. Here's how we marked it...

*Trigger Warning: Contains discussion of suicide support.*

This year Suicide Prevention Day fell on a Sunday, during the wider month of Suicide Awareness throughout September. On Monday 11th September we held an awareness session/talk with Amparo: Listening Ear. Amparo are a Suicide Support Organisation who specialise in support for families following bereavement by suicide.

The theme this year 'Take a minute, change a life'. Shani, a Suicide Liaison Worker at Amparo, delivered an informative, sensitive and uplifting session around this theme to our women at TWW. The session covered topics such as opening up/talking and communicating around mental health and suicide, before and after.

The World Suicide Prevention Day website says, "People who have lived through a suicide attempt have much to teach us about how the words and actions of others are important. They often talk movingly about reaching the point where they could see no alternative but to take their own life, and about the days, hours and minutes leading up to this. They often describe realising that they did not want to die but instead wanted someone to intervene and stop them. Many say that they actively sought someone who would sense their despair and ask them whether they were okay."

Shani asked women to discuss how they could be a good 'listening ear' for anybody who may be struggling - how we can all be a little more empathetic and careful around others as we never know what people are going through.

If you're looking for advice or support around suicide, suicide prevention or bereavement by suicide you can contact the services below or call Tomorrow's Women Wirral on 0151 647 7907 who will signpost you to the relevant services.

Local & National Support:

Samaritans Liverpool & Merseyside: 0151 708 8888.

Samaritans UK: 0151 116 123.

Papyrus (teen & youth support): 08000 684141.

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably): 0800 58 58 58.

Amparo (Support following bereavement by suicide): 0330 088 9255.

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