Community Partnerships: Greggs Birkenhead!

We've recently struck up a partnership with Greggs Birkenhead...

For the last few months we've been teaming up with Greggs Birkenhead to better the local community. Each week, the fabulous Chris and team at Greggs donate leftover goods to Tomorrow's Women Wirral.

Greggs aim to donate as much unsold food to charity as possible. Tomorrow's Women Wirral are added to a whole host of donation stations including soup kitchens, food banks and shelters for the homeless and vulnerable. According to their website, "the amount of food we [Greggs] have donated to good causes has increased sixteen-fold since 2013 and we have ambitious plans to grow this more in the years ahead."

We're grateful to join this list, receiving sandwiches, salads, pastries and sweet treats every week. Here at TWW we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, recycling in all its forms and strong community partnership work. Our link to Greggs Birkenhead allows us to exercise all of these commitments as, together, we lower food waste and benefit those in needs! A great example of partnership work in action, we'd like to thanks Greggs for choosing to benefit others and donate their goods to our centre.

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