World Suicide Prevention Day - Awareness Talk

2017 marks the 15th World Suicide Prevention Day. Here at TWW we're raising awareness around suicide.


Sunday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day. On Monday 11th September we will mark this day with an awareness talk and Q&A session. We're running this event within the TWW centre alongside Amparo - a charity offering support following suicide.

The day was first recognised in 2003, as an initiative of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and endorsed by the World Health Organization.

This year's theme is 'Take a minute, save a life'. The theme makes reference to the stigma around suicide and the lack of communication around mental health.

Discussing mental health can often be daunting, especially with a loved one who you're worried about. But nobody has all the answers, all we can do is offer support and care. According to the World Suicide Prevention Day website, "People who have lived through a suicide attempt have much to teach us about how the words and actions of others are important. They often talk movingly about reaching the point where they could see no alternative but to take their own life, and about the days, hours and minutes leading up to this. They often describe realising that they did not want to die but instead wanted someone to intervene and stop them. Many say that they actively sought someone who would sense their despair and ask them whether they were okay."

During our awareness session we will discuss the stigma of mental health and how to be there for somebody who is struggling - your kind actions and words can be far more powerful than you know.

If you'd like to attend, join us on Monday 11th September at 12.15pm. Women 18+ only.

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