Sexual Health Clinic at TWW

Sexual health is an important part of physical and mental health as well as your emotional and social well-being. It's important to take care of your sexual health.  Read more.......

The second Friday and last Wednesday of every month we have a drop-in sexual health clinic. It is important that we all look after our sexual health and our clinic offers advice and guidence as well as screening around sexually transmitted infections (STI's). There are some STIs, like chlamydia, that you could be carrying without having any symptoms. This infection can affect fertility, so it's important to protect yourself.  Also offered is contraception and family planning support, advice and services as well a smears.

This clinic is free for any women to access and is confidential. 



 Tomorrow's Women are apart of a pilot being launch by Wirral Community NHS trust. The pilot is the  Condom Distribution Scheme!  TWW are supplying  packs of free NHS condoms  to clients as and when needed. We all need to look after our own sexual health and these condoms are there for women to collect when they visit TWW. 


What Does it mean to be a women living with HIV in the UK today?

Please click on the link above to read more on this topic, it is a very interesting piece.  

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