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Tomorrow's Women 10K Challenge: Sponsor Us!

On Sunday 18th June, 5 unwitting TWW staff members take on the challenge of the Port Sunlight 10K run...GULP!

What on earth are we doing?!

The entire course is set within the (hopefully) sunny village of Port Sunlight's road network and comprises two 5K laps, a distance not to be sniffed at!

We're aiming BIG with a target of £1,000, can we do it? Not without you we can't!

From novice runner to ex-personal trainer, the TWW runners will be training hard to complete this challenge, all to raise money for the Tomorrow's Women Wirral centre.

Kate, Karen, Caroline, Annmarie & Nicky will be giving it all they've got to cross that finish line for the women of TWW! They'll be supported by the rest of the TWW team, friends, family and more!

Why are we doing it?

Running. Is. Hard. It takes it's toll on the body physically, mentally and emotionally. What better way to empower women than putting our endurance to the test!


Why should you sponsor us?

Tomorrow’s Women Wirral (TWW) is a Charity for all Wirral women aged 18+. It has a commitment to reduce offending and provide support and assistance to all women who want to make positive lifestyle changes. The women are not judged and integrate to support and share skills and experiences. TWW operates from Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm with a full timetable of courses that address women’s needs. TWW have now received over 4100 referrals from a myriad of sources such as GP's, Social Workers, Police, Statutory Organisations, Third Sector Organisations, the Private Sector but, most importantly, from word of mouth. TWW receives approximately 600 visits per week.

TWW offers space in a safe women only environment so partners/agencies can work with often hard to reach women who may have multiple complex problems.

This is a fantastic opportunity to give back to your community through supporting a local, grassroots charity, and promoting healthy living - all at the same time!

How can I help?

You can help us reach our goal in a number of ways! If you can sponsor our five runners and donate cash, feel free to pop into the centre and hand in a donation, or register it online at https://localgiving.org/fundraising/tww10kchallenge/!

If you can't donate, have no fear, you can share the link on social media!

Please give generously, share this link and tell your friends - let's spread the word and get RUNNING! #TWW10KChallenge

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